Discovering the Power of Juicing Benefits

Juicing BenefitsNature is more than greens and the leaves we see. The different fruits and the Juicing Benefits from consuming these fruits are so immense that one can only talk about a few of them. From the green juice benefits to the benefits that can be derived from the other fruits that nature has blessed us with, we can explore and exploit some of the immense merits of juicing.

Some of the several juicing benefits and tips are highlighted below and they cut across the different benefits of taking juice from lemon juice benefits to noni juice benefits.

Unlocking body nutrients

Fruits and vegetables are known for their high nutritional content and when they are juiced, the full benefits of consuming these fruits are better harnessed. When fruits and vegetables are consumed ordinarily, they go through the digestive system and besides taking a longer period to positively impact the body, some of the minerals and vitamins contained might not be fully tapped. With juicing however, the opposite is the case as they nutrients directly go to work in the body and these nutrients are unlocked and almost immediately starts to work in the body.

Keeps you away from the doctor

There is the famous saying that a green juice a day keeps the doctor away. This only goes to underline green juice benefits. The healing benefits of vegetables especially the greens cannot be overemphasized and particularly for the prevention of lethal diseases like cancer, blood pressure, stroke and other heart related issues, the likes of broccoli and celery have been found to be significantly helpful.

Rejuvenates the body system

Red juices in particular have been discovered to be very good for body system rejuvenation. This is due to the anti-inflammatory substances and anti-oxidants contained in them. The likes of beet help to improve the flow of blood in the body due to high content of nitrates. And for persons that love to work out and exercise, cherries are your best friend as they help you recover easily and so are tomatoes thanks to the potassium content that restores the lost electrolytes. As adults, sex is healing and in the same vein, the watermelon is a form a natural Viagra if juiced with the rind.


Not everyone finds it easy to juice fruits and for one reason or the other, some people still find it difficult that juicing can be so powerful and beneficial to the body and hence, would be sceptical about investing in juicers. For such persons, smoothie would come in handy. Virtually every family has a blender and thankfully, many juicing benefits can be derived from smoothies. If you therefore belong to the sceptical category, help yourself to a couple of smoothie recipes and experience the goodness of fruit juices.

Apples are good juices

All fruits make good juices but due to the mineral content of the apple fruit, they are even better juice sources. They contain more than 150 phytochemicals, with the skin containing lots of the phytonutrients. The risk of having diseases and health issues related to aging is significantly reduced by consuming apple juice regularly.

Apples especially the red ones also help in improving a person’s alertness, memory, and cognition. This is in addition to lowering the risk of having heart related diseases, asthma, cancer, and even brain cell damage.

Green Juices taste great

In order to get the best from your green juice as regards the taste and nutritional content, it is advised that the mixture is done 60 to 40, with the vegetables taking the larger share of the whole.
Spinach, lettuce, apples, bananas, and even berries can be added to the party to make a delicious and nutritious juice.

Juicing to heal you

Not only do they help prevent the risk of getting some of the major and deadly diseases, juicing can also help treat the very common health issues like back ache, rosacea, psoriasis, and even swollen gum. The anti-inflammatory contents of these fruits make it possible for such conditions to be treated. The likes of apples, cucumbers, and spinach would give the necessary nutrients for such conditions. You however want to remember the need to wait for some time for the recovery process.

Juicing benefits cannot be fully discussed and even as carrot juice benefits are not mentioned, the benefits are immense and one can only ensure that the daily dose of fruit juice is not missed.